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If technology moves one step, cyber threats take two steps forward. Fortunately, most problems can be prevented or solved with the right software tools.

It must be painful to lose all your sensitive data and getting seriously harmed by criminals from the internet. That’s a day-to-day reality for many individuals and organizations.

Purchasing the license of one of this cybersecurity software and go through proper implementation might be the best investment of your life.

What to Look on a Security Software Tool?

The market is as big as the threat itself. This why there are hundreds (even thousands) of options available. 

Choosing the “best one” is often harder than we think… But that’s what we want.

What must be considered at the moment of purchasing a Security Software tool?

  1. User-friendly interface: Ease at use can make a total difference when using any software. Imagine choosing one that requires skills and knowledge that you don’t have a mere idea. That’s one of many things that can go wrong. 
  1. Security protocols: Software with multi-layered protection is an ideal feature you should aim for. It doesn’t only protect you from Viruses, but keep all kind of malware apart as well.
  1. System compatibility: While it must be efficient at protecting your devices… It must be possible to be used in the first place.  If it runs it or not depends entirely on your current operative system (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS) and its version. 

  1. Mobile accessibility: Now that we mention Android and iOS… Keeping an eye to your confidential information on smartphones should be a YES.  Most cybersecurity tools compatible with mobile phones provide daily reports and analytics of the system.

  1. Organization’s needs: The scalability of the tools connects directly to the size of the company. Because you spent money wisely, be aware if it does as much as you need it to. 

Each and every software has its strengths and weaknesses. This is why we made the duty of carefully reviewing, so you don’t have to.

Cybersecurity Software Tool #1 – Barkly

“Most reliable protection, smartest technology, and simplest management system” sounds good to you?

This cybersecurity software is considered Top Tier at blocking attacks. Because anti-malware software tends to detect already known threats… Most alternatives become useless fighting against new threats.

How does Barkly make a difference? A 3-level architecture pattern allows the tool to check everywhere, at any time… And it keeps evolving thanks to AI/Machine Learning.

It also stays up-to-date.

Without even mentioning is lightweight and ultra-simple to install. – It makes life easier, keeping you away from panic.

Cybersecurity Software Tool #2 –  WebTitan

The #1 Web filtering Provider for WiFi. 

This works both as a cybersecurity software that blocks ransomware, phishing, and a DNS content filter.

With WebTitan, you have absolute control over the web for businesses, educational institutions, and public WIFI providers. 

Protect your Brand & Customers from being exposed to inappropriate content.

Provide a safer and faster environment for your hotspot guests.

Finally, Control the content that you allow your guests to access (even competitor’s sites keep out).

All of it for a free non-commital 30 days trial. 

Cybersecurity Software Tool #3 – AppTrana 

Have you asked yourself…

What are the risks that might affect my business – and how do I detect them on-going basis?

What can I even do to protect against those risks?

Where do I find the time and expertise to do this in the first place?

AppTrana doesn’t only respond to all your questions, but actually solve them for you.

It immediately identifies risks on applications and patches any existing vulnerabilities.

You can also improve the performance of your website and defend yourself from all emerging threats with continuous monitoring. 

Used and trusted in 30+ countries, by 1700+ global customers (Banking, Finance, E-Commerce, and SaaS-based sectors)…

You can start for Free to evaluate your site security, and expand only if you feel completely safe.


When everything seems to be driven by computers, software, and networks… New criminals are born and get used to attacking (hack) in a way that fits its environment, in the tech age. 

Because of it, the market trends also point to Cyber Security solutions being created here and there. But are they competitive enough to keep bad ones out of your valuable assets?

Both free and paid software can save your back on serious hacking attempts… But free is often limited. Paid aren’t considered cheap… 

So what can you do?

If you have to bet, it’s better to add the chances on your side. These 3 are the best among a huge list and even so, it might not be enough to protect you from disaster.

Here’s where MyITGuy enters the room. The most reliable IT Security & Support services, from a team with expertise that knows how to take care of you.