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Are you worried about how your social media data is handled, stored, and protected?

Who doesn’t, right? Everyone uses social media today, and data protection is a must.

This is more important to you as a business owner, who can or probably is advertising with more assets and sensitive information than the standard user.

So, there are good news and bad news for you. Let’s start first with how social media data is handled/stored and then you’ll judge yourself.


How Is Social Media Data Handled

As it was said, you’re probably registered on a social media network, as I do… And as everyone else is. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn… You name it.

They have grown at an explosive rate, so now we’re talking about billions of active users.

How is it even possible for networks to manage the data of billions of people around the world? 

Here’s where open-source software and powerful servers come in. 

For example, Linux is the operating system behind most social media platforms. The same applies to web servers such as Apache or Sun’s MySQL. 

Luckily, open-source doesn’t mean the software is also available to you.

All of that selective information that social media platforms collect goes to a server somewhere. So, is it possible to keep all the data safe and sound?



How Is Social Media Data Kept Protected

It is possible. Mostly because data is encrypted at the same time is being stored in such servers and even before, while it’s still being transmitted.

So if anyone would want to read this information, it would face the toughest challenge of cracking the code keys to unlock and gain access to very valuable information.

Being said, data breaches are happening and will happen for a long time. That’s just entirely out of your hands. Although that doesn’t mean break attempts will always be successful.

When they do, they mostly occur from the inside out. 

That’s why it’s essential for you to often move or change your personal information stored in the social media platforms you’re currently registered, to minimize what could potentially be stolen in a data breach. Or plain and simple: stop using them partly or completely.

With all honestly, that’s not going to happen. But what could, is to reduce behavioral footprints as much as possible, lowering the amount of information shown inside.

The engagement or interaction (such as comments) also plays a big role in keeping your social media data protected.

The only thing you got to do, is to scroll down the timeline more and share less information about yourself. Remember: while social media data is best protected with advanced systems, they’re still supplying developers and advertisers with the information you share.

You’ve probably noticed the emphasis on today’s read is to do what you can control… And not concentrate as much on what you can’t.

So it’s simply impossible to tell what social media platforms do to handle and protect your data… And it’s 100x times easier to focus on what you can do now.

It falls on you to control what you keep in or give out.

Are you doing something to protect your social media data?

Or to even protect your online business?

If not, comment down below and let us know… We can teach you how to do it.

And if you feel knowledgeable and confident enough to take action, our cybersecurity team of experts can assist and do it for you. Otherwise, bad actors could steal that hard-earned money.

So, what do you got to lose?

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