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Are you looking for a quick win for your IT infrastructure? A Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution might be exactly that.

Everybody knows, including yourself, that this year has come with a lot of challenges and an increased workload. And it’s now, more than ever when you must take care of the smallest task, that previously passed-by unnoticed. 

Indeed, supporting end-users and troubleshooting locked accounts (password expiration or changes) is not as simple as it was before. 

Or is it?

Let’s take a look at why Self-Service Password Reset solutions can lower the overall support burden (for your staff. 



What is a Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Solution?


A self-service password reset solution is a new way to resolve account issues for end-users, in an automated fashion, without interacting with the service desk.

They would just enroll in the system and provide the information needed to be used later on to verify their identity when the issue comes up. 

This information would be requested through security questions and one-time passcodes (delivered via text or email). 

That would make sure they’re who they are they are, before performing any actions inside their accounts. It results in beneficial to the IT staff, and the user, getting issue resolutions right away. 

Full-featured Self-Service Password Reset solutions provide more benefits like:

  1. Easy and Simple. Fast to implement – They should provide footprints from your infrastructure perspective, to remove all friction.
  2. Cost-saving – It could potentially cut service desk calls by up to 50%. Hard resets aren’t cheap at all and more could be spent on other important issues.
  3. Quality Experience –There’s something more annoying than having an IT-related issue: to wait for the service desk technicians to help you out. You could make it less painful by resolving issues almost immediately.
  4. Stronger Security – Current IT service desk user-verification methods are insecure. This plans to gap those loopholes. 

Fun fact: not every SSPR solution is created equally. If you want to get the most out of it, you must look for the following features included in them: 

  • Enrollment options: Pre-enrollment, Admin enrollment, and Forced enrollment. 
  • Multiple Entry Points – Possible to being accessed/used from a login screen, on internet browsers, or apps. 
  • Connected to MFA tools – The best SSRP solutions support secure, third-party authentication forms 

Of course, not even the best SSPR solution will work, if your business environment is not 100% compliant with the enrollment process and standpoint.

Being said, you either have to make the enrollment process mandatory and easily accessible or remove it completely from end-users. 

Take into account that “end-users” can also refer to your remote workforce. IT is responsible for providing reliant support to remote workers’ devices, as well as to their Internet connectivity. 


And because the pandemic events have at least double their workload, it’s important to consider providing a helping hand to them, before the pending duties keep rising. 

Analysts firms Gartner Group and Forrester Research project that around 20%-50% of help desk calls are related to password resets.

What’s impressive here, is that a single password reset call can cost about $70. It translates to $17,500 in support costs for about 250 calls. 

This could easily save organizations (like yours) tens of thousands per month while freeing up your IT staff for more important subjects. That doesn’t mean this is not important but, everyone’s productivity is sometimes, harder to quantify.

Are you willing to risk so much money out of your business?
Or are you ready to implement a Self-service Password Reset (SSPR) solution?