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Digital Signage is already part of our lives, either inside our daily routine or business life. 

You may have watched and interacted with any of the content displayed on any from your city or local shop… And now you’re wondering how can you get it for your own store, right?

Whatever the reason… We’ve written a short but detailed guide on what these are, how they work, how much do they cost, and the best place to get them installed.

First and foremost…

What is Digital Signage

According to Wikipedia, “digital signage” is a subcategory of electronic signage. These now-popular projections also known as “digital display signage” or “digital signage displays” work through e-paper or LCD and LED monitors. But that’s not all to it.

We prefer to define Digital Signage as a display format consisting of three parts:

  • a) Digital Signage Hardware – The body with all of its physical, tangible components (screens, mounts, payment devices, printers, cameras). The two most common types of hardware that you can find outdoor or indoor, are multi-touch screens and low-energy beacons, which broadcast URLs or unique identifiers
  • b) Digital Signage Software  – The digital infrastructure that enables the management, deployment, and analysis of what’s shown. There are many on-premise and cloud digital signage software options with different extent of capabilities, suitable for different purposes.
  • c) Digital Signage Content – What you receive when displayed through the hardware, with the help of the software. We’re talking about videos, images, graphics, texts, and audio, all together.


The ideal combination makes digital signage the perfect solution to communicate your story, product, service to the masses in 2022. 

Let’s see some practical, real-life examples of digital signage.


Examples of Digital Signage 

Digital signage functions in every public and private setting that you can think of, to offer information to many or to some. The opportunities are open to your creativity.

It doesn’t matter what your business or company your work at, is about… We’re 100% sure that you can make use of digital signage in 2022 and benefit greatly from it. 

These are some of the ways that these digital displays are used nowadays.


  • Digital Signage in Tourism/Museums (wayfinding, points of interest, city information, gallery).

Digital Signage in Tourism/Museums

Source: doPublicity


  • Digital Signage in Retail (self check-out, endless aisle, product showcase, smart mirror).

Digital Signage in Retail

Source: GUCCI


  • Digital Signage in Bars & Restaurants (self-service/ordering, digital display menu board).

Digital Signage in Bars & Restaurants

Source: Dallmayr Kaffee


  • Digital Signage in Marketing & Sales (promotions, ambiance, gamification, demos).

Digital Signage in Marketing & Sales

Source: PEXESO


  • Digital Signage in Healthcare (digital wayfinder, directory, scheduler, turn manager).

Digital Signage in Healthcare

Source: Unknown


  • Digital Signage in School/s (classroom teaching, wayfinding, library exhibitions).

Digital Signage in School

Source: Carousel


  • Digital Signage in Churches (Branding platform, multi-channel communication).

Digital Signage in Churches

Source: Lenexa Baptist Church


Now, the part that you wanted the most…


How much does Digital Signage cost?

Believe it or not, Digital Signage is way cheaper than you think. Especially cheaper than many other traditional and ineffective methods of advertising or communication.

Of course, the cost depends on your needs. An international estimation goes around $300 or even up to $500 to install one or two simple screens. But inside that estimate, take the display screen, media player hardware, software licensing, cabling installation, content creation, or even maintenance into account.

And while there’s plenty of free digital signage software you can get access to, they’re mostly limited versions, which display on your screen of choice whatever you upload (usually through an URL). These work well only if you need something basic and believe you can take care of all of the technicalities, even if an error happens, skipping support.

Last, but not least, you can also start using Digital Signage in your small, mid, or large-size business but don’t know how, because there are so many digital signage suppliers/providers companies. How do you pick the best one?

Among all of the available choices, you MUST go for the one company that offers:

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Capability
  • And great price!

On MyITGuy, we offer all of that… Plus 1-on-1 support.

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