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Why You Absolutely Must Safeguard Your Business From Ransomware

Business owners are especially vulnerable because they store often irreplaceable data and customer information on their computer systems. They are also targeted because they are usually eager to have this information restored in the unfortunate event that it’s stolen. Ransomware is a type of malevolent software that hijacks and steals sensitive data and threatens to destroy or expose it unless a hefty ransom is paid. That’s why business owners and IT professionals need to pay particular attention to measures they can take to prevent a time-consuming, expensive ransomware invasion in the first place.

Obtain an Anti-Virus / Internet Security Program

One of the smartest things you can do is purchase and install a vigorous, robust, proven antivirus program. These programs can stop most ransomware and other malware attacks and can easily identify and block any pre-existing ones. Antivirus programs work by constantly scanning incoming files and preventing these sneaky programs from downloading onto your system.

Install Windows Updates

Businesses should also install all available updates from the software programs and apps they use and depend on. These updates sometimes contain fixes and tweaks that detect and block ransomware from invading their specific programs. Download the latest versions of your software to keep your system safe and protected.

Back Up Important Files

We can’t say this one enough – back up, back up, back up. You’ll never feel the pressure of giving in to the monetary demands of ransomware when you have your data protected in places where they can’t get to it. Back your data up as often as possible and store it on a system that isn’t directly connected to your computer.

Restrict Computer / Server Access

You should also limit and carefully restrict administrative access to your systems. The fewer people working behind the scenes of your computer and downloading software and apps the fewer risks your system faces. These steps can help your business ward of an attack and save valuable time and considerable cash.

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