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Agreement Terms


My IT Guy provides support for the lifetime of the any custom development or application that is developed. We allow 60 days after application launch for any prior undiscovered bugs to be uncovered and fixed without charge. Beyond the 60-day period, we provide support/application revisions at $60/hr or at an agreed upon monthly maintenance fee.

Design and Development

Design and Development estimates are provided on a per project basis. The estimate provides for minor design or development changes.


Client is responsible for making additional payments for changes that require excessive re-design of the project. A change is defined as:

• Work requested by the client beyond the agreed upon scope
• Changes to deliverables that have been previously reviewed and accepted by the client.


Delivery dates are predicted on the timely receipt of all materials to be supplied by the client. Every attempt will be made to meet the delivery date, but unforeseen or unavoidable delays not caused by Mt IT Guy, shall not constitute a breach of project agreement. If in our attempt to meet delivery dates have made the need to incur rush charges, the client shall reimburse My IT Guy for the additional charges.

Rush Charges

Rush charges are accumulated if the project must be completed within an unscheduled time frame. Design/Production: Rush charges for design and development are 25% additional to the estimated rate.
Electronic Files
If the client has requirements for how the project is to be prepared electronically, the client must communicate this to My IT Guy before the project begins.


In the event of project cancellation, all artwork is retained by My IT Guy, and based upon the contract price and expenses incurred, the client shall pay these. If cancellation of assignment should be authorized, it should be given in writing to My IT Guy.


Unless otherwise specified, the final accepted Custom Web Development, Web Design, Android or  iPhone applications created through the services of My IT Guy is property of the client upon final payment of assignment.

Concepts and ideas

Preliminary ideas and artwork created by My IT Guy in the course of developing client projects which were not accepted by the client, remain the property of My IT Guy. The use or development of such ideas or artwork by persons or firms other than My IT Guy is expressly prohibited. The fee for unauthorized use of said materials shall be $10,000.00. Limitation of Liability Client agrees that it shall not hold My IT Guy, or its agents or employees liable for incidental or consequential damages which arise from My IT Guy’s failure to perform any aspect of the project in a timely manner, regardless of whether such failure was caused by negligent acts (excepting the sole negligence of My IT Guy or omissions by My IT Guy or a third party. Client agrees to limit My IT Guy’s liability to client for any claims by client against My IT Guy (and its employees, agents, owners, representatives and contractors) to a total maximum amount of half of the project fees. Mobile and Web Application’s Developed by My IT Guy will be released in 3 stages for testing to insure all agreed upon elements are in place.