Do you own a computer that crashes constantly? Does it make weird noises whenever you turn it on? Is it functioning so slowly that your productivity has declined? If the answer is yes for most of the questions, then you need experts for computer troubleshooting and diagnostic to repair your computer.


When we scrutinize your system and find a fault, our dedicated experts look into the issue immediately and carry out curative computer troubleshooting. In every visit, My IT Guy ensures that all the anomalies are dealt with. Equipment failure, error messages, power issue, disk malfunctioning, network failure are a few of the anomalies that may occur in your system. Our service comprises of constant maintenance as per the market demand thereby allowing your computer to function efficiently and remain technologically updated:

  • Enhancement of your system so as to meet the ongoing trend and quality standards while taking advantage of various latest technological developments
  • Installation of new software to guarantee the system is safer and more reliable
  • Software updates as per the needs and preferences
  • Configuration and securitization of the network

At My IT Guy, we resolve all your computer troubleshooting issues and resolve any other similar problems you may encounter. The solutions are tailor made as per the problems being experienced.

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