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Network servers are an essential part of today’s world, making possible to run projects of all sizes and power products and services around us. Organizations demand top-notch performance from servers so they can accomplish the desired results. However, demanding such performance requires maintenance actions to keep both hardware and software on point.

A healthy, fully-operative server must not suffer from any security vulnerabilities, resources overload, or impairments of any kind. And to make sure that they are at their best, server optimization and monitoring are a real need.

At My IT Guy, we want to explain briefly what is involved in server optimization and monitoring. This is key for all organizations that rely on local, owned servers to get their work done and materialize their projects.

What is Server Optimization?

Server optimization is the series of operations carried out by IT specialists to check the server’s current status and determine if there are any optimizations required on the software side to improve its conditions and performance.

The precise tasks included in server optimization will always depend on the organization’s hardware and software. Checks and performance examinations will be carried out to spot potential vulnerabilities in the network and make sure of its full integrity. 

What is Server Monitoring?

On the other hand, server monitoring is more of an ongoing solution to guarantee the network’s stability at all times. Instead of scheduled check runs, server monitoring is all about overseeing its resources, performance, stability, and availability without conditions.

The goal of proper server monitoring is to minimize as much as possible the risk of experiencing a system failure and having the network down. Technical factors such as processing core temperature, storage space available, and other indicators of server health are monitored 24/7 in order to spot the problems on time and change the conditions to prevent them.

It’s worth mentioning that server monitoring is more about keeping the physical health of the servers always on point, leaving the software aspect to the optimization phase.

Importance and Benefits of these Solutions

An experienced IT service provider will have the resources to explain clearly and effectively to its clients that server optimization and monitoring are key elements of a healthy, stable business platform. Without these solutions properly implemented by specialists, the whole operation is at stake, openly exposed to considerable risks.

It’s also important to make clear that both solutions are needed to guarantee optimum results and businesses should include them as integral parts of the project, prioritizing their execution.

Organizations that support their operations on their servers will immediately recognize the importance of server optimization and monitoring to keep everything up and running, effectively preventing downtimes and the consequences that come from it.

These preventive approaches will grant peace of mind to business owners as considerable problems will be prevented in a cost-effective fashion. The IT service provider, like My IT Guy, will provide full server optimization and monitoring without representing a financial burden for the company. All the way around, the existence of such solutions aims to maximize profitability by avoiding losses due technical complications.