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Cyber-attacks are carried out by criminals who adapt to situations very well. Nothing has really changed about this.

Now with the global pandemic… Cybercriminals are profiting from scamming remote workers. 

Are you afraid of the hackers? You probably are… We have all heard about how apps like Zoom get compromised, and no-one ever wants to be vulnerable and have put their data at risk. 

You want to survive in this criminal infested ecosystem… You too need to adapt rapidly. 

So, are you ready for it?

Cyber-Attacks that Affect Remote Workers

All cyber-attacks tend to share one goal: stealing user’s personal information.

They can successfully achieve this through phishing, either targetting remote workers specifically or attacking their network of business partners and co-workers. 

At the core of every phishing attack, you can find ransomware, viruses, and RATs (remote access trojans). The purpose of such Malware is to get inside the victim’s system.

The growth of remote desktop protocol use in corporate IT units has led to a rapid increase in RDP exploiting malware. To put it simply, it is a disaster. 

Not many organizations had the logistics ready for the transition to teleworking that just took place. 

Most remote workers had to use personal devices for important, corporate work.  

These same devices were also used for at least ten other activities (Social media, Streaming, Shopping, Learning), and even are sometimes connected to public Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hotspots

You get the picture…

Less strict corporate policies translated into far more vulnerability… The result was a massive rise in successful phishing attacks. 

That is not the worst part. 

Cyber-criminals don’t need to attack your remote working devices directly. They can also gain access if the device is connected to home network systems (Internet of Things).

So, compromised digital cameras, smart appliances, and smart home tools – alarm systems, climate-control devices, doorbells, and smart lighting – could all lead to a security breach.

Is there anything you can do about it? Can you implement a concrete solution to counter Cyber-attacks?

Remote Workers Solutions to Counter Cyber-Attacks

Organizations and Remote Workers must be aware of three things if they want to keep working from home sustainably, without security risks. 

Remote workers Solutions to Counter Cyber-attacks
The following steps will keep yourself, and your remote workers safe. 
  1. Training & Education: If you’re an employer directing a team at a distance, teach your remote workers – and their families – about malware. Educate them on how they can get infected and what consequences such incidents have. You can find up-to-date cybersecurity news in our blog (tricks, tips, and strategies) so don’t doubt reading it yourself and pass it to your team if you find it useful. 

    Even if you are a remote worker yourself, getting familiar with the basics of cybersecurity will keep many headaches away. 

  2. Laser-edge Protection: You can sleep at peace every night, knowing that your devices are all protected from cyber-criminals.  

    That’s where we come in. At MyITGuy we provide both pre-infection and post-infection defenses, for your entire business network (yourself and your team). How much would you pay for advanced protection that early detect attacks, defuses them, and saves you many zeroes by keeping your business assets safe at all times?

  3. AI and automation: Artificial Intelligence and Automation reduce dependence on staff and even replace human teams when done correctly. Imagine all the time-consuming effort required to keep even the smallest team safe… You can replace the hassle with advanced AI-based solutions that provide lightning-speed analysis, classification, and elimination of the system’s vulnerabilities.

    As hackers are also getting more sophisticated with time, your home-based antivirus tools won’t be enough to resist upcoming threats.  Tailored solutions like AI are the only thing that will eventually work

Remote Workers vs. Cyber-Attacks… Are We in the Future?

Millions of workers have been forced to work at home, and countless business owners were obligated to adapt to a physically-broken environment… 

Although we can be sure that economies will recover fairly soon, services and product providers had to learn an important lesson, the hard way.

In the words of George Kurtz (CEO of Crowdstrike), the remote working environment has just started… Even if we consider the high peak of office comebacks. 

Crowdstrike CEO George Kurtz replace “Work from home” to “Work from anywhere

According to him… “Really, that’s a subset of digital transformation and digital transformation is not a one-time hit. It’s a very sustainable trend.”

And you… As a remote employee/worker: what are your thoughts on this?

Contact MyItGuy today for all your remote work cybersecurity needs. 

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