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During the past few years, we have seen how data breaches have affected big names in different industries. These situations hit the news because they handle massive amounts of data, ultimately affecting a large population of users.

Nonetheless, there are countless data breaches that aren’t addressed openly and perhaps that is causing the public opinion to only focus on the multibillion companies we all know. These breaches are caused by a succession of mistakes and negligence, many of them the responsibility of executives.

At My IT Guy, we wanted to talk about the approach that modern executives in most industries are taking to prevent and face imminent data breaches. This is especially important as time goes because organizations become more reliant on data, acquiring and storing information relevant to their customers that many times is sensitive and requires strict privacy measures.

There are good news in this sense: studies have revealed that over 80 percent of C-suite professionals are prioritizing data breach prevention through comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. This number is expected to increase even further for many reasons, such as healthy PR requiring strong privacy policies and tougher frameworks implemented by public authorities.

So, how modern executives are addressing data breaches nowadays?

Finally Making Training for Employees a Top Priority

At My IT Guy, we have mentioned countless times in our articles and resources that one of the main causes of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents is the poor or inexistence training on awareness and healthy practices for the employees. 

For decades, companies have been neglecting proper cybersecurity awareness training for their employees, even those organizations that are more dependant on the Internet. This doesn’t have any sense at all.

When lacking proper training, employees can easily make mistakes that may jeopardize the organization’s data integrity. It doesn’t matter how powerful and capable the mechanisms in place are, if employees have reckless behavior in the way they operate within the network, the chances of a data breach are exponentially higher.

Defending Data as Culture

Besides awareness training and implementing the right practices, having a collective, preventive mindset is very important these days. The company’s culture must be clear in these matters. Defense efforts should be centralized, making every single employee on board aware of what’s expected of him or her when it comes to safely operating online and with the organization’s digital assets.

Culture also works to connect departments and teams, streamlining all kinds of different processes to maintain stability and step up cybersecurity efforts.

Enhancing with Cloud Solutions

Cloud infrastructure offered by reliable solution providers has proven to be safer than most in-house infrastructures. A reliable cloud provider will have a solid, secured infrastructure that will certainly comply with industry standards. This is not negotiable and it allows business clients to enjoy peace of mind.

On the other hand, in-house solutions are highly demanding and can really drive the costs up without necessarily decreasing the chances of a data breach. That’s why modern executives are actively moving corporate infrastructure to the cloud with the help of reliable providers that guarantee secure environments for their team to operate confidently.