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COVID-19 virus, also known as Coronavirus, has definitely changed business forever. This pandemic has already disrupted every single aspect of the economy, altering how we operate to remain productive.

However, we should not live in fear. We will overcome this but in the process, we need to be up to the challenge. This meaning, for the present moment, adopting the necessary measures to stay as safe as possible and continue running our businesses in a stable, productive way.

At My IT Guy, we are observing how our clients and our own team are going through a serious digital transition to continue being productive during these complex times. Everything starts, of course, with protecting ourselves from this invisible threat.

In the following lines, we will explore how to be safe from COVID-19 and then protecting and moving your business forward, having a special consideration with the malicious actors that are trying to benefit from this terrible situation.

Being Aware, Cautious, and Step Ahead

During the following months, we must be especially aware of how we behave in order to keep Coronavirus at bay. Part of that is making sure we resort to alternative methods of greeting others, practicing optimum hygiene by washing our hands often, and covering our mouths and noses when sneezing or coughing. Avoiding touching our face, eyes, nose, and mouth will be determining.

Panic is in the air, certainly. Therefore, we need to be careful about how we interact with others. A sneeze or cough during this situation can potentially start a brawl or any other adverse crowd reactions.

And if the symptoms finally take place, be a step ahead and stay at home. Isolating ourselves under the suspicion of having the virus is the responsible attitude to avoid infecting others. Of course, we should calmly and level-headly look for healthcare attention to determine the next steps to guarantee our wellbeing.

Watch Your Back

Cybersecurity firms are already detecting malicious campaigns that leverage the current situation to deceive users. Panic and fear are great tools for bad agents to succeed with social engineering tactics. 

This is going to get worst after getting better. The following weeks (and maybe months) the outbreak will continue, just as the fear sentiment in our society. As people will pay less attention and fall prey to panic, many will be victims of phishing scams. 

This is all about exploiting completely natural human vulnerabilities. But, in order to protect your business, you must be smarter than that.

Keep Your Systems Up and Running

In the last few years, AI has become a powerful ally in terms of cybersecurity. More and more companies are leveraging this technology in many ways, one of them on mechanisms to protect themselves from cybercrime.

Both AI and machine learning are being used to detect and prevent attacks, many of them coming in the form of social engineering. By stopping them before reaching individuals within our organizations, we eliminate all possibility of success for the malicious agent.

As a business owner, you must remember that securing your computer networks, servers, and email accounts is a top priority. Malicious parties are already seeing the COVID-19 virus as an opportunity to exploit fear and hack their way into valuable data. 

Panic makes people focusing on their health and wellbeing, many times neglecting business. This is easy to understand. Yet, we must go the extra mile, as business owners, to not be part of that panic sensation. 

There are several, promising options for securing your entire virtual and physical business structure. At My IT Guy, we proudly serve clients remotely, in the US and all across the world, with IT support and services, including cybersecurity solutions that keep their organizations safe, especially during times of crisis.

If you want to talk with our team about how we can help you, click here.

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