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Don’t let a cyber attack to catch you unprepared and end your business. Malware is dangerous and not too different from COVID-19.

Malicious software comes in many shapes and sizes— and it’s up to you to prepare. 

“Prepare for what exactly?” – you may ask. There are a lot of things to worry about on the internet… As if there’s an evil “something” lurking behind the World Wide Web. 

You can only employ Cybersecurity measures if you know what’s threatening you in the first place. And Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Trojans, and Viruses are among some of them. 

Here are 5 common forms of cyber-threats:


Actually, Malware is the term used to refer to all software and computer threats out there. 

It means malicious software, and covers up all that infiltrates into a computer or system (without the owner’s consent) to damage it from the inside.

It is like saying “sickness”, but doesn’t state which one it is (points to all of them).

Between all the different Malware out there, you can – unfortunately – find…


This one is a pure example of bribery. Malicious programs are considered Ransomware when they block access to your device, to extort the owner with ransom fees.

Of course, the creator makes it too hard to remove/unlock for yourself, that way the expensive manipulation succeeds.

When people talk about Ransom, they are actually saying “to rescue”. 

A hijack like this works by accessing your computer or mobile phones and encrypting your data.

They want you to be aware of what just happened, so it shows a warning screen informing “you have been attacked”. – literally.

Even, some include a payment method right there on the screen (pay by SMS, Paypal or Cryptocurrency). This threat has grown in recent years. 

The least you can do is to keep your devices updated, and follow a series of precautions with suspicious messages or emails.


They’re exactly like the typical Spy we know.

Created to collect information about the individual or organization, Spyware gets into your devices without any notice.

Because of how these malicious applications work, they will get hardly detected. 

So it could monitor and collect as much information from the hard disk, browser or installed application… For a long time. 

To learn more about Spyware risks and effects:


Homer’s Odyssey introduced a mystical story about the Trojan Horse. We all have read/heard about the “giant gift” used to trick Troy’s defenders.

With this name as inspiration, Trojans malware camouflage as legit programs available for public download… And lets a rush of other malware enter your system, once vulnerable.

Trojans do not propagate. But they can be especially harmful to P2P networks.

If they’re used to debilitate your system through back-doors… We could say they’re the cybernetic AIDS.


Even the most careful people have been infected by a virus at least once in their lifetime.

They tend to get in and infect without any first notification. If that happens, your device may suffer in several different ways.

Automatic Files deletion, Spam sending, Trigger annoying pop-ups, Corrupt hard-drive, Lower device’s performance, or shut it down completely…

Onel de Guzmán paralyzed the world with its “ILoveYou” virus

Seemingly innocent everyday activities can cause Virus infection: 

  • Sharing files (photos, documents, music, videos) between devices.
  • Sharing infected USB Drives.
  • Downloading “free games, movies, browser toolbars”. Torrenting files
  • Visiting websites that are infected, even if you download a single file.

Media propaganda has done a very good job of letting us know that COVID-19 is just one of many. There isn’t one specific type of Virus; there are plenty:

  • File Viruses 
  • Macro Viruses 
  • Master Boot Record Viruses 
  • Boot sector Viruses 
  • Multi-Partite Viruses 
  • Polymorphic Viruses 
  • Stealth Viruses

Can we protect you from Malware or Viruses?

There are more forms of malware than these. And sometimes, cyber-natures does its thing and show us scary “creatures”.

Some have mutated from a single virus that hides into your devices, and takes personal information as Spyware… To then ask for money, like Ransomware.

Fortunately, modern software offers full-spectrum malware protection. 

Although there are still chances that it fails, due to lack of personal attention.

In this case, both scientists and MyITGuy take multiple approaches. 

Network Firewall Security for small and mid-size Businesses that prevents exploit attacks to system vulnerabilities. 

Anti-phishing Email Protection that shuts down sneaky attempts of malware contagion…

And a huge list of other essential solutions that protect you from harmful internet traffic. 

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