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Have you wondered if there are any good hacker-focused podcasts?

To your surprise… There is. Computer/Network security podcasts are the easy way to learn more about SecOps that you’re looking for, catching up with the latest news and expert stories or analysis at any moment of your day. 

Therefore, we decided to share what we consider the very best cyber security podcasts still running in 2022 (most since over 10 years ago).


Top 10 Cybersecurity Podcasts in 2021/2022 

CyberWire Daily Podcast

This is the right choice in case you want to receive daily news and analysis from interviews made with a wide spectrum of industry experts from organizations around the world. His host (David Bittner) also includes short daily briefings as well as long-form podcast episodes.

Besides that, I consider Hacking Humans as an honorable mention, also being part of the CyberWire network. Also hosted by Dave Bittner with the help of Joe Carrigan and as the name indicates,  they expose the latest social engineering scams, schemes, and exploits. 


CYBER by Vice’s Tech Team (MOTHERBOARD)

This top-rated podcast (as everything that Vice journalists do) should be, from now on, your go-to source of cybersecurity latest news, stories, and events. This weekly conversation is hosted by Ben Makuch, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, and Joseph Cox. 


Darknet Diaries

If you love learning about shady matters that occur on the net, then you’ll love this podcast. Jack Rhysider’s thought-provoking, bi-weekly and 60-minute interviews have it all: cybercrime, dark web, hacktivism, and governmental activities that happen in the shadows.



Did you know the longest-running YouTube show is about cybersecurity?

Well, now you know. Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse have been hosting this video-format podcast for a while, covering everything you can think about cybersecurity.

Besides cutting-edge security news, they’re always developing and showing new penetration testing tricks, software, and hardware devices that almost no one knows have heard of.



Malicious Life

Produced by Cybereason (built by professionals from the private sector and government intelligence) and hosted by Ran Levi, this podcast has everything related to potentially damaging IT threats of now, past, and the future, including the history of hacking and  warfare 


Naked Security (SOPHOS)

If one company knows a lot about cyber threats and what to do, is the anti-virus products manufacturer, Sophos. And they make it very clear in their podcast, Naked Security, where listeners can weekly educational insights on breaches, news, and snippets.

Recent episodes have shown the realities of Apple’s zero-day and swindles in online dating.


Risky Business

We already mentioned the oldest video-format show on this list but we’re getting close to the longest-running podcast. Risky Business has been “on the air” for about 18 years (since 2007!). And the most surprising fact is, that they post two to three episodes per week.

Patrick Gray covers the latest global news (including political events) and their relation to cybersecurity, adding new points of view of how it affects others, such as the arrest of Julian Assange.

Security Now!

Industry expert, Steve Gibson, has been in the public view for some years now (way back to 2022), long enough to have coined the “spyware” term and even created the first ant-spyware software. 

He’s also the creator of GRC, Spinrite, and ShieldsUP, and host of this podcast, along with Leo Laporte (who started it in 2005, making it one of the oldest podcasts ever), they discuss all the newest vulnerabilities and malware that haunt us today.



Smashing Security

All cyber security podcasts from this list are helpful and entertaining, but any is as funny as Smashing Security. That’s what gave industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault the merit of “Best Security Podcast 2018” and “Best Security Podcast 2019” for their work.

Every Wednesday, you can hear their conversations about “tech SNAFUs” but most specifically: abusive corporate apps, Adult website censorship, and the Pros and cons of 2FA, with guests such as Garry Kasparov, Mikko Hyppönen, and Rory Cellan-Jones 


Unsupervised Learning

Tune in to short summaries of security, technology, and society every Monday on Apple podcasts or Spotify, given by its host, Daniel Miessler. He analyzes 5-20 hours of weekly research into 8 to 15 to 30 minutes roundups on current IT and security affairs.

His listener and reader base (of around 50k members) knows that he’s one of the best information security experts by meeting the tagline and giving you bite-sized chunks of information to prepare for what’s coming next.



Marc Laliberte and his guests tend to provide instant security solutions to those cyber menaces that threaten today’s businesses all over the world. The 443 is that podcast to listen to if you want to understand digital security in a clear and unpretentious way.

After all, that’s their mission: “to make security simple, clear, and understandable to IT professionals and business leaders.”

Is that yourself?

Then you may already know that this moves at a fast and stressful pace. That’s why cybersecurity podcasts are growing in importance. After all, every business owner is seeking ways to keep their assets protected.

Our mission, as well,  is to protect your business from any upcoming threat.

And the best part is that we advise you for free. The only action you have to make is to request a call with one of our MyITGuy experts to get our questions answered!