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Android 11 is here and it is ready to challenge Apple’s supremacy in security and privacy.

The latest operating system by Android now has features that allow users greater control over their data’s confidentiality and security.

Android security is often in the news – and not always for the right reasons.  That is now set to change. 

Android 11 comes with several pre-installed mechanisms that provide greater control, data protection, and transparency.

The most important of these privacy and security features have been summarized below.

Read on to find out more.

Five Android 11 Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know

1) New One Time Permissions Feature

iOS already has a “one-time permission” feature that lets apps access sensitive permissions on a one-off basis. 

Android 11 now provides the same feature. Apps must now retake permission before using sensitive sensors like the microphone, camera, or GPS location.

One-time permissions have greatly enhanced security for users as it makes them more aware of what permissions are being granted to their apps.

2) Auto-Resetting Permissions For Less Used Apps 

Some applications may misuse permissions after malicious updates. Other apps may be installed and then never used for several months but still have sensitive permissions.

Such conditions can be a threat to privacy. These apps consume hardware resources and waste bandwidth.

To prevent such a situation, Android 11’s auto-reset feature now allows the OS to reset sensitive permissions for apps that you have not used for several months.

Permissions may always be granted again when you use those apps.

3) Play Store Module Security Patches

Although Google mandated that manufacturers of devices roll out regular security updates, hackers were still getting through before vulnerabilities could be patched.

Google’s solution to this is to bypass manufacturers with its new “Module Patches” from the Play Store App itself. 

The Play Store App has been more heavily integrated with all devices. It can now automatically download and install security updates and patches from Google’s servers.

The end result is that users will be receiving patches for security as soon as they are available.

4) Data Protection Using Enforcement of Scoped Storage

Scoped storage is a feature that provides every app with a separate and isolated storage location on a device.

The “scoped storage area” makes it so that memory is sandboxed. Data saved by one app cannot be directly accessed by other apps.

It is now enabled by default thus increasing data security. Apps do not require extra permission to access their own sandboxed data storage area. 

If an app asks for storage permissions while running, it means that it is requesting wider access to external storage.

5) Preventing Unnecessary Access to Background Location

One of the ways apps misused permissions was by unnecessarily requesting permission for background location. 

Access to background location allows apps to collect location data even when they are not being used.

Any app that seeks location access is now granted permission only for foreground location – or access when it is in use. Background location is now a separate request with more steps involved.

Users must select “Allow access all the time” as an option for location permissions to allow background location access. 

App developers must also explain why they require background location information.


Although manufacturers are trying to provide security. Awareness about cybersecurity is a pre-requisite for guaranteeing it.

Security awareness among employees, however, is quite low. For example,  97% of all people cannot detect a phishing email.

Such low awareness can compromise organizations. Work from home and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have further increased the risk.

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