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Houston is continuing to grow as well as new businesses in niche markets, just like yours. Having a web presence is becoming more and more important in houston. In order to stay competitive you must approach the web from all angles. We design websites, develop applications and maintain relevancy beyond creating a simple websites. We design websites to help your business GROW!


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Best Web Design Company Houston

We go beyond your expectations by providing our best work possible. In order to have a successful website you need a great design, functional website and SEO. If your in business in the houston area, take advantage of the opportunity. We are Houston’s premier Web Design, Web Development and SEO Firm. When choosing a web designer in Houston, be sure to allow us the opportunity to give your company the competitive edge it needs. We are proud to remain the Best Web Design Company Houston.

Best Web Design Company in Houston


My IT Guy designs smart websites that represent your company well. We build websites for companies that want to grow. Every business deserves a place on the web and your website showcases what your company is about, what you do, why you do it and why your company is the best. Best Web Design Company in Houston

Interested in making a mobile website? With The Best Web Design Company Houston, All of our websites are fully compatible with mobile devices. People use their phones and mobile devices to find places nearby, creating a website that is both mobile and desktop compatible can make a huge impact on the visibility of your business. Your website is most likely to be noticed when the person on their phone can see all of the details. A mobile friendly website insures that local customers find you, and when they find you, they need you the most. Why wait, Contact My IT Guy today for a free consultation. The Best Web Design Company Houston.

Best Web Design Company Houston

Best Web Design Company in Houston

Best Web Design Company in Houston

Steps to Developing a Successful Web Design

Call, Make an appointment, Email, and Chat with one of our website specialist. We will need to spend time to discuss what you expect for a website. Unable to meet? We can utilize video conferencing to showcase what we can do for your company. Provide a few examples of websites you like the design, look and feel of.

We will continuously work together to figure out what your website should include.

Professional Web Design will be specialized for your company and is guaranteed to engage your clients. By using wire-frames we show you a step by step explanation of the web design process.

During the web design process we will allow you to preview your website so that you can see exactly whats going on before it goes live.

We test your site on all browsers at different resolutions to insure it is dynamically responsive across all platforms, including mobile devices. Once we go live, your site will be up and running and ready to reach it’s intended audience.

The Woodlands Website Design uses the latest technologies CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap. By using these technologies we make your website dynamically responsive to adapt to various computer resolutions,  iPad, iPhone, Android and all mobile devices. Best Web Design Company in Houston

Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are Content Management Systems that we use at My IT Guy the Woodlands Web Design.


A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface. Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. All websites are backed up weekly. Best Web Design Company in Houston


The Woodlands Web Design can fully customize your website in your desired CMS or fully code for exclusivity.

We made friends with the internet... So that we can build the website you love!

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We are focused on the integration of digital strategy, web design, marketing, content, and great technology. We believe that web design, which effectively drives business goals, typically resides at the intersection of aesthetics, content and technology. My IT Guy is the backbone of sustainability of The Woodlands Web Design. Best Web Design Company in Houston

Marketing Perception vs. Web Development

Marketing and Brand Development is a quantifiable process, that involves Initial Design Elements + Web technologies and a precise coding process. Research within each market is different due to several factors, ratio of similar websites and businesses locally to yours, then on the web. Then we decipher through data to determine the best approach, knowledge of market is achieved. Our Marketing team assist with all Web Design and Development Projects, make suggestions as needed and acts as a liaison even after your project hits the web. The Woodlands Web Design Company is your all in one resource, integrating SEO and Digital Marketing for a positive ROI.


Percentage of lost leads without a website


Percentage of mobile device users visiting your website


Percentage of Return On Investment ( ROI )


Leads lost from flash based websites with antiquated coding.

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