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The cybersecurity landscape moves too fast, making increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with the vast array of luring threats. Businesses need to be very resourceful and proactive to remain safe and protect their assets. 

The future holds uncertainty and it isn’t different for the cybersecurity industry, where malicious parties are becoming smarter and more creative to develop effective attacks.

Today is the day to be prepared for the future. If modern businesses do nothing to get ahead, malicious agents will and they will succeed.

At My IT Guy, we wanted to talk about what companies can do to adopt a preventive mindset and implement the right tools to achieve success when it comes to cybersecurity and future threats.

Fast-Paced Panorama of Threats

Technology evolves too fast, even faster than most people can even conceive and this is a serious liability. Business owners neglect cybersecurity until their fall as victims of their own negligence. 

The first step towards better cybersecurity is to realize that there is an army of cybercriminals out there, working hard to develop new ways to attack their victims. On the other side, there is an extraordinary number of companies that simply don’t care and they will fall first.

Realizing that those threats that are known today will evolve to become even more lethal is key to organize the company’s resources with a concrete goal in mind: to prevent and counter all possible attacks.

Therefore, organizations must stop their neglect towards cybersecurity and adopt a more proactive, open-minded attitude. Going further, these organizations need to become more dynamic in their strategies to prevent attacks in the future.

Creativity in Cybersecurity

An effective cybersecurity strategy is based on creativity and having the skill to see things from a different perspective. Hackers are being creative by developing innovative ways to attack their victims.

As a result, having a team of highly-creative IT specialists is really important to establish effective mechanisms against innovative, avant-garde attacks. So, equally (or more) creative IT professionals on your side is a necessity most companies aren’t willing to satisfy. 

Going Beyond Anti-Malware

Traditional anti-malware software is definitely not up to the challenge. Many business owners out there truly believe that a simple piece of software, available by purchasing a cheap license, will be enough to keep threats at bay.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work that way and the future will be more of the same. Not even out-of-the-box, AI-powered software will be enough.

While a must-have layer of cybersecurity, anti-malware is just a cog in a huge machine that works overtime to protect your data. Relying exclusively on that resource represents a deeply ineffective defense strategy. 

Humans Will Continue to Be Important

Since the dawn of the Internet, social engineering has been the go-to resource for malicious parties to steal sensitive data. Deceiving users continue to be a very valid (from the criminal’s perspective, of course) way to access private systems and commit cybercrimes. This sounds like the bare-bones of everything that goes wrong online yet something from the old days that doesn’t happen anymore.

The future of cybersecurity and preventing the new ways cybercriminals will be attacking us rely on how capable Internet users are to detect potential threats. The quintessential resource for a company to remain safe is to train its staff to be aware and act accordingly.